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Counseling Services in Smyrna TN

Counseling Services in Smyrna Tennessee

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Christian Leadership International ministries Inc. (CLIM)


Family & Marriage Counseling

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Our Services

Center for Marriage & Family Health (CMFH) is an arm of CLI Ministries Inc., CMFH is a not for profit counseling ministry dedicated to providing affordable professional therapeutic services to the community. Some of our counseling services include:

Therapy and Counseling
Pre-marital, Marital
Individual and Family Therapy, Group
Divorce and Divorce Adjustment
Rape, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence
Crisis Intervention / Pregnancy Support
Youth and Adolescent Behavioral Problems
Juvenilles with Sexual Behavioral Problems
Depression and PTSD Issues
Women Support and Empowerment / Parenting Issues
Infertility Issues and Adoption Preparations Support
Grief and Loss
Other Life Issues

Our Programs
  • Educational Seminars Advocacy: We offer educational seminars that address issues relevant to specific behavioral problems in schools, Churches and community groups. With topics such as; dating violence/safety issues, sexual assault awareness, parenting skill, youth and parent awareness in dealing with medical condition; e.g. childhood diabetics, and obesity.
  • Resource Development: CMFH connect domestic violence victim with shelter centers, teach women empowerment and self-esteem building. Coping skills and strategies with job training skills and referral as needed.
  • Immigrant Assimilation Services: As a result of cultural differences, we assist abused and battered immigrant children and women through counseling, education, acculturation process, job training skills and empowerment services to assimilate the American culture in which they find themselves. We re-orient and educate the perpetrator.
  • Support group Networking: At CMFH, we believe that client's restoration to health is enhanced through active participation in a support group. We therefore connect victims with the right support group that will complement the services we provide.


Benefits & Risks of Therapy

Persons contemplating counseling should realize that as a result of counseling, clients may make significant changes in their lives. They might modify their emotions, attitudes, and behavior; make changes in their marriages or significant relationships such as with parents, children, friends, relatives, etc. Clients may change employment, begin to feel differently about themselves and otherwise alter significant aspects of their lives. If you have questions about the benefits and risks of counseling, please ask for specifics.

Licensure / Certifications
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) Ruth obtained her doctorate in Clinical Counseling (MFT) from Trevecca Nazarene University, where she recieved her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2005.

Ruth Otuno, PhD., LMFT
is licensed in the State of Tennessee and is certified as a pre-marital therapist.
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