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Counseling & Therapy Services in Smyrna Tennessee

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By appointment only:
Monday-Friday: 9am - 8pm
Saturdays: 9am - 1pm

Please call 615-496-0821 or fill out form request to schedule an appointment.

Parent Ministry
Christian Leadership International ministries Inc. (CLIM)


...Stop the Dance ...Free the Mind

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist / Counselor in Smyrna TN

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Phone: (615) 496-0821
or (615) 498-0330
P.O. Box 110622
Nashville, TN 37211

Our Locations

Smyrna Office:
240 Mayfield Drive Suite 201
Smyrna TN 37167

Antioch Office:
2711 Murfreesboro Road Suite 203 Antioch TN 37013

Ruth Otuno, PhD., LMFT
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Marriage / Family Counselor Smyrna

Ruth Otuno  

Ruth Otuno

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